Northwest Blacksmith Association

2000-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Editor’s Notes
5 Prez Says
6 E.A. Chase Sculptor and Blacksmith
22 Black Dogs in Belltown~Dan Schwarz
29 Freewater Forge
30 Bert Romans~Hersom Workshop
32 Nahum Hersom~Hammer Handles
37 Hot Tip~Mark Manley~Carbon Monoxide
38 Don Kemper~Advent Wreath
39 Hot Tip~Don Kemper~Center Marking Tool
40 Rick Leeson~Power Hammer
41 1860’s Blacksmith Tintype
42 John Loeffer~Bar-BQ
43 A Lusty Young Smith
44 Peter Ross Workshop
46 Phillip Baldwin~Anvil
47 Peter Ross Projects
53 Wade Wade: What is Truth? What is Life


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