Northwest Blacksmith Association

2001-1 & 2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
6 In Search of Ferro Battuto in Northern Italy..Carson
15 Christa Fairbrother Art
19 How I Became a Blacksmith in the Great War of the Rebellion..Bob Race
28 Kirkstall Forge..Richard Postman
31 Spring Conference Sisters, Oregon
48 Weathervanes..William Yonkers
52 When Your Vise is Your Vise..Ike Bay
54 Nail Notes..Ike Bay
58 2001 Peter Ross Workshop..Hardie Swage
61 Hunks of the NWBA
62 Scrolling Pliers
63 Pure Iron..Bob Race
63 Flint and Steel Striker..Ryan Wilson
63 Hot Tip..Grinding Corners..Paul Casey
64 Geronimo Bayard Memorial
68 Membership Roster
79 Sarah Grace Parker


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