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Al Bart Grant Information

The NWBA’s Al Bart Memorial Grant is now open to anyone interested in learning about and spreading the knowledge and interest in the art and craft of blacksmithing. With our new status of non-profit charitable organization comes the unexpected gift of sharing this opportunity with more people. It is the hope of the NWBA that The Al Bart Memorial Grant could enable interested persons to attend an educational program such as a workshop or class with the intention of learning something new and sharing that knowledge and experience within and/or outside of our association. All interested persons are encouraged to apply for a grant, then attend a class or workshop and learn something new.  The only obligation is to pass what you have learned along, in one of the ways outlined below*, or, you can propose something not on the list.


Go to the Al Bart Grant Application NOW!
If you prefer to print the application and send the information via Postal Mail, you can download it HERE.


Your interest in this program indicates two important facts:
You want to further your education and skill level and gain information about the blacksmiths’ craft/art.
You desire to spread the knowledge gained to the membership of the N.W.B.A. and/or the public in general.

Please consider the following ideas when deciding how you will fulfill your obligation. Remember, applicants to this program must show a strong desire to increase not only their skills, but to share what they have learned with others.

*You may choose one or more of the following to fulfill the requirement for giving back:

  • Write an article describing your experience while attending the class or workshop and forward the article to the Hot Iron News for publication.
  • Arrange, through the education chairman of the N.W.B.A., to conduct a hands-on demonstration or open forge session at the next available conference. The education chairman will assist with logistics of this endeavor.
  • Work with the artist/blacksmith that held the class or workshop, to compile and produce a demonstration of skills or techniques gained. Permission from the instructor involved is a prerequisite of the demonstration.
  • Set up a display table at an N.W.B.A. conference, with the approval of the instructor, showing pictures, items, and/ or examples from the class or workshop in which you, the recipient of the grant, participated.
  • Prepare and produce an evening slide show, lecture, or video presentation pertaining to your experience relating to the class or workshop which you attended.


Be innovative—propose a new plan to fulfill your requirement. A local newspaper article or a public demonstration are good ways to spread knowledge and promote the craft of blacksmithing on many levels.

Maximum amount of grant available per person is $300, per year.

The following NWBA members are recent recipients of the Al Bart Grant (pre non-profit status only members were eligible). These people should be congratulated when you see them for furthering their own blacksmithing skills and knowledge. In addition they should be commended for contributing back to the rest of the membership and to the public in general, the knowledge they have acquired.

  • Lynn Gledhill
  • Lauren Olsmolski
  • Simon Stormer
  • Harold Hiea
  • Lisa Geertsen
  • Ben Czyhold
  • Curtis Rosenkrantz
  • Bart Turner
  • Dave Manning
  • Chris Porcarelli


In the past, many more members have participated.

The Al Bart Grant aligns with the mission of the NWBA; education and advancement of the craft and skills of blacksmithing.

Participate in the grants program and you may become a better smith for it.

If you have any questions about the Al Bart Grant Program please do not hesitate to contact Lee Cordochorea at

Go to the Al Bart Grant Application NOW!
If you prefer to print the application and send the information via Postal Mail, you can download it HERE.