Northwest Blacksmith Association

Arnon Kartmazov Demo Gallery September 2015

Arnon KartmazovTools, Tricks, and Hofi’s ergonomic forging method and its applications

Arnon’s demonstration covered many topics and techniques, he used a wide array of tools and showed a variety of applications the aggressive forging style he learned from Uri Hofi. As with most skilled demonstrators, what seems easy takes a lot of practice and hammer control. Using direct blows on the edge of the anvil, on a hardy tool, or under the power hammer one can achieve a lot of movement, which can cause a lot of trouble if the blows are not deliberate and precise. Here are  photos from his demonstration, with many thanks to Dan Bowyer for sharing them with us.  All photos copyright Dan Bowyer 2015.


  1. because I just decided to post more photos that I recently got permission to post, soon I will post more recent ones, i.e. from the Mark Aspery workshop. sorry if I caused confusion.