Northwest Blacksmith Association

Blacksmith Week 2015 Highlights

The Tenth Annual Village of Government Camp
Blacksmith Week 2015  August 19-23

Blacksmith Week 2015Sponsored by the Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts at the Historic Summit CCC Camp and Ranger Station.
This event is open to any and all interested in Blacksmithing.

Demonstrations by : Roberto Giordani of Italy, Gary Eagle Chesaw, Wa. And Jeff Holtby Langley, Wa.

The Central Oregon Boys- Hunter, Joe, Kellen and Mark will head a Hands-On Flaming Sculpture Project that will remain on site.

LOCATION: Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts – Summit Complex in Government Camp on Mount Hood, OR.

Event fee is $90.00 for 5 days or $25.00 per day.
Pre-registration and T-shirts are available on the Cascadia Center Website. WWW.CASCADIAART.ORG

Blacksmith Week 2015 Schedule:

9am- 12pm      1pm – 4pm
Wed 19th    Registration  Hands-On- Darryl Nelson
 Thurs 20th   Roberto- Tool building,  Workshop following  Bend Boys- Fire Pit Sculpture followed by Hands-On
 Fri 21st  Roberto – Flower,  Workshop following  Jeff Holtby – Floral Grill with traditional Joinery
 Sat 22nd   Roberto -Bird,  Workshop following  Gary Eagle – Non-traditional Scrolls
Sun 23rd   To be announced

Roberto Giordani will be doing a 3 day Hands-On Workshop
Thurs -Sat following his demonstratio

Limited to 8 students – Cost for the 3 day workshop $ 100 plus registration
Each morning he will be doing a Demo followed by the workshop.

Three days schedule for Roberto Giordani course: “The Metal Metamorphosis”

Roberto Giordani will show his methods, divided by phase:

  • Demonstration of executing steps through drawings
  • Building tools with students
  • Forging flowers and animals starting from a single iron piece
  • Presentation of Angelo Bartolucci, his works and his tutorial boards.

The classic manufacturing technique of Angelo Bartolucci will be revised with Roberto Giordani’s style, obtaining modern forms.

Day 1

  • Presentation of Roberto Giordani drawings and works
  • Presentation of Angelo Bartolucci, works and tutorial boards (pictures, drawings and short videos)
  • Presentation of two Roberto Giordani drawings about th epieces to make and about the required tools
  • Tools building.

Day 2:

  • Roberto will draw on the blackboard the executing steps for making a flower.
  • Then he will forge every step with students using the tools built by themselves.
  • Finishing and polighing of the forged piece.

Day 3

  • Roberto will draw on the blackboard the executing steps for making a bird.
  • Then he will forge every step with his students.
  • Finishing and polishing of the forged piece.

More information about the location and registration at the Blacksmith Week Event page.