Northwest Blacksmith Association

Blacksmithing Classes at Clatsop Community College

Clatsop Community College in Astoria Oregon is offering Blacksmithing classes:
Blacksmithing 1 this fall. All has been approved for the class.
Blacksmithing 2 will be offered in the winter
Blacksmithing 3 will be offered in the spring.
These are all 3 credit classes and the limit is 12 students. Students may audit if they wish. The classes are going to be 6 hour classes offered on Saturday’s beginning in early October. The times are 9:00 AM till 4 PM with one hour lunch at noon. There will be a lab fee for materials.
I have taught basic and intermediate blacksmithing for C.C.C.’s Historic Preservation Degree program for the last 4 years and have been asked to teach these classes as well. We are excited to offer these classes and welcome all comers. The classes will appear in the upcoming fall catalog and are to be offered at the colleges M.E.R.T.S. campus in the welding shop.
Feel free to contact me, Dave Curl, at Or Lucien Swerdloff, instructor for historic preservation at .
We are currently working on funding and have had several donations of tools from the local community. If anyone would like to donate something, please contact myself- Dave Curl or Lucien Swerdloff, and we will send a form that will confirm the value of your donation for tax purposes. You set the value and then get the write off.
These classes are a go and we hope to have students from all over the north west, just as the historic preservation class has had.
Clatsop Community College
1651 Lexington Avenue
Astoria, OR  97103