Northwest Blacksmith Association

Bronze Forging Workshop: HELP WANTED!

Dorothy Stiegler working in her shop in Volcano, California

Dorothy Stiegler working in her shop in Volcano, California

A two day bronze forging workshop is in the works for the days preceding or immediately after the 2014 NWBA Conference which is taking place May 14th through 18th, 2014 .   The exact dates will depend on what works best for those who show interest, either before or after the conference.

Limited to 10 participants, the workshop will be held at the NWBA Mentoring Center in Longview, Washington. Particulars are being worked out and will greatly depend on the interest of our membership. If you would like to participate or if you have suggestions, contact the conference organizers (Bruce Crittenden: and Brent Christiansen:, or any director. Dorothy Stiegler will lead this workshop. Costs will be structured to cover the basics. Folks at any level of forging ability are urged to attend.

Let us know if you are interested!


  1. I am really good at swearing when the bronze melts, after you have been working it for a half hour, and you have a nice puddle on the floor. Will that help?

  2. Reis , you know it .
    We have all seen it puddle ,and then turn to sand and crumble. You,you of all smiths wouldn’t of even made a comment if you didn’t love it. Commmmoooonnnn the list is open for a fun bronze workshop. It’s looking like copper colored puddles on the floor of your forge. You know …you gotta work it pink!!!

  3. If I can get the time off scheduled, I’d love to help with this…or schedule the event to happen in Seattle…Whatever works.

    • Jason , thanks for your interest in the bronze workshop. Part of putting it on is getting enough people interested in attending the workshop to make it economically feasible . The cost for the workshop will be determined by the first of the year (2014) . Keep watching and spread the word to anyone you know who might like to participate.