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NWBA Conference 2017 Schedule

Repousse All Day Friday and Saturday

Black Smoke Alley Open All Day Every Day
(individuals set up forges and demonstrate and work, often a great hands on opportunity)


  • 8:00 a.m. registration begins
  • 9:00 a.m. Main demonstrator David Lisch
  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch
  • 1:00-4:00 p.m. Main demonstrator Maegan Crowley techniques with tubing
  • 1:00-4:00p.m. hands on demonstrator (let you know)
  • 6:00 P.M. POTLUCK!!!!!!!!
  • Bring some meat and a side to share, a grill will be provided.
  • 7:00 p.m. Eagle Eye Competition to be announced PRIZES!!
  • Midnight Madness!!



  • 9:00 a.m.-12:00 main demonstrator David Lisch
  • 9:00a.m.-12:00 hands on demonstrator Arnon Kartmazov (let you know what he is making)
  • 12:00-1:00p.m. LUNCH
  • 1:00-4:00p.m. Main demonstrator Maegan Crowley tubing
  • 1:00-4:00p.m. hands on demonstrator (let you know)
  • 4:00-5:00p.m. Metallurgy class in mentoring center by Arnon Kartmazov
  • 6:30 p.m. Banquet and General Meeting – everyone welcome
  • After Banquet:
    Eagle Eye Competition to be announced Prizes
  • Midnight Madness!


  • Bronze pour demo by Matt Moore
  • Conference Break-Down

Registration Now Open

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Blacksmith Week 2016 Updates

Blacksmith Shop at Summit CampThursday – Sunday, August 18-21, 2016

Demonstrations, open forge time, and great times with fellow smiths… don’t miss it!

Demonstrators: Dave Thompson, and team demo by Dave Tuthill and Silas Maddox.

Demonstrations for the public by Ben Czyhold.

A workshop has been added to the Blacksmith Week event in August 18-21, 2016.

Alan Flashing will be giving a workshop on Friday and Saturday, August 19&20.
He will be forging small totemic sculptures.

Two 4 hour classes: Friday and Saturday 10AM – Noon, 1 hour lunch break, 1PM -3PM
Cost is $110

*If you are planning to participate in the workshop please bring tools: Hand Chisels, Punches, top and bottom fullers.

More info about Alan Flashing at his website, and facebook page.

Blacksmith Week Details:

  • Demonstrations will take place Friday and Saturday, morning (9AM-Noon) and afternoons (1PM – 4PM), and Sunday morning.
  • Thursday: Registration and Group project forging.
  • Open forging every evening.

Bring your works to display and sell to the public!

The gallery will be located right in the middle of bustling Government Camp and will be open during business hours to the public.


  • Individual Entire Event       $90
  • Individual One Day            $45
  • Family Entire Event           $120
  • Family One Day                $60
  • Student (valid ID req.) Entire Event   $60
  • Student One Day              $30

Registration at the door.

Click here for Government Camp Map

Sponsored by Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts.

NWBA Blacksmith Conference 2016 Registration

Conference 2016 T-shirt

Conference 2016 T-shirt

NWBA Blacksmith Conference 2016
Friday, May 13 – Sunday, May 15, 2016



Cowlitz Regional Conference Center
Longveiw Washington

Demonstators: Monica Coyne and Gábor Szombathy

Hands-On Classes, Repoussé Station, Black Smoke Alley aka Midnight Madness,
Gallery, Auction, Tailgaters, COMPETITIONS and more!

Special Hands-On with Master Bladesmith Dave Lisch: Forging a Blade, Saturday afternoon
followed by a blade grinding demonstration on Sunday morning

Hands On Classes:

  • Friday May 13 1 pm to 4 pm  Dragon Head bottle opener with Torvald Sorenson
  • Saturday May 14 9 am to 12 pm Scott Szloch project TBA
  • Saturday May 14 1pm to 4 pm Blacksmith Knife with David Lisch

More information about NWBA Conference 2016

Cost to Attend:

Three Day Conference Fees (attend the whole conference)
Member: $90
Household: (at the same residence) $115

One Day Conference Fees (attend only one day)
Member: $65
Household: (at the same residence) $80

Banquet Dinner Tickets: $25 per person. Not Included in Fees above.
Our banquet dinner will be served on Saturday night, May 16th, to meal ticket holders only. Tickets are sold and issued at registration. Dinner is buffet style, main course choices to be determined.


Camping Fees will be paid at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference.
Trailer Hookups w/ water and electric: $15 per night
Dry camping in the Tent Barn, and outdoor camping: $5 per night



April 23rd 2016 NWBA Event Update

Berkley TackWe proudly present to you :

Berkley Tack demonstrating
Skills and Trinkets: Small projects building skills

Demonstration begins in the morning.  There will be open forge in the afternoon, when NWBA members can get into the forge fire and try their hand at the demo tricks and tips.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

9:00 AM: Demonstration Begins
Noon: Break for Lunch
1:00 PM: Open Forge time until 4 PM

(The demonstrator for April 23rd was changed, Tim Gabriel is not able to demo, hopefully he can reschedule a fly press demo)…

Also scheduled on April 23rd is an NWBA Board meeting, the meeting begins at 12:30 PM.  All current NWBA members are welcome to come. The board meeting location has been changed.  The meeting will now be taking place at the Longview Public Library,  1600 Louisiana St., Longview WA 98632

Power Hammer Use and Safety with Darryl Nelson

Mentoring Center Tire Hammer

NWBA Power Hammer arrives at the Mentoring Center

NWBA has a POWER HAMMER at the Mentoring Center, available for all members to use during our open forge and demonstration/open forge events… BUT you have to be certified to use it.  As with all power equipment, there is a right way and a many wrong ways to use it. For safety reasons and to make sure this Power Hammer is around for many years for all members to use, we are requiring that members learn it’s proper care and use.

DANGER!On Saturday December 12th, Darryl Nelson is going to be giving a class to teach and to certify people to use the Power Hammer.  Don’t miss this  great opportunity.  If you are learning blacksmithing or are a seasoned smith, but don’t have your own hammer, this is the time to come on down to Longview Washington and our Mentoring Center to get the skills to use the power hammer and the certification to be able to use the hammer during our open forges.  Don’t Miss It!

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015
Time: 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: NWBA Mentoring Center


NWBA Board of Directors Elections 2015

The 2015 NWBA Board of Directors nominations and election process is well underway.

It is by the dedication and commitment of its members that enables the NWBA to be the great organization that it is.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming part of the decision making process for NWBA? Interested in contributing to preservation of the art and craft of blacksmithing through NWBA outreach and offerings?

Contact one of the Election Committee Members with your nominations:
Jim Garrett
Steve McGrew
James von Mosch

Board Director Job description:

The board members help each other help the association.

We try to follow the advice of boards which have come before us. We have that advice written down – everybody on the board gets a copy. We keep an eye on changing situations and try to adapt to them.

We take turns sweeping the floor. There are other tasks too, stuff that has to be done by “somebody.” They’re not hard, but they do need doing.

It doesn’t take genius. It doesn’t take charisma. It takes some time, of course. It takes a bit of effort sometimes.

The rewards are huge. We get to watch the NWBA grow and get better and better. It’s kind of like visiting grandchildren. We get to interact with some of the amazing people who are part of the NWBA. These amazing people are people like you! They don’t know they’re amazing, they’re too busy just doing what they think is right.

Please think about being a member of the board. We need your unrealized amazing-ness!

Nominations will be open until November 15, 2015. The NWBA has contributed to the education and success of many members.


Jay Close – Colonial Williamsburg Blacksmith

Jay CloseJay Close will be coming to the Pacific Northwest for two big events.

Colonial Williamsburg Historical Blacksmithing Demonstrations at Fort Vancouver Washington

The National Park Service, the Fort Vancouver Historic Trades Guild and the Friends of Fort Vancouver will be hosting two days of historical blacksmithing demonstrations Saturday October 3, and Sunday October 4, 2015 in the fort blacksmith shop from 9 am to 4 pm each day.   Jay Close a master blacksmith trained at Colonial Williamsburg will lecture and demonstrate blacksmithing techniques used in the 1800s while fabricating tools and utensils that would have been used in the fort kitchen and garden. For almost 30 years the park and trades guild have hosted this type of training for fort blacksmith shop volunteers using Colonial Williamsburg trained blacksmiths. And each year, the training has been open to the public and other interested blacksmiths.

Here is a preview of the type of garden tools Jay will be demonstrating:

DSC00001   DSC00004  DSC00006  DSC00008  DSC00010

Colonial Williamsburg Workshop at the NWBA Mentoring Center

Three Days
October 9 – 11, 2015
9AM – 4PM daily

Projects will be Colonial Hearth and kitchen ware.

Cost $350.00, inclusive of $150.00 deposit. $50.00 Class audit fee for people just wanting to audit the class per day.

Register and reserve your space today!

Contact Rashelle Hams for reservation, 360-901-1365

Fork and Skimmer  Skewers and rack  Kitchen Ironwork CloseUp

Blacksmith Week 2015 Highlights

The Tenth Annual Village of Government Camp
Blacksmith Week 2015  August 19-23

Blacksmith Week 2015Sponsored by the Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts at the Historic Summit CCC Camp and Ranger Station.
This event is open to any and all interested in Blacksmithing.

Demonstrations by : Roberto Giordani of Italy, Gary Eagle Chesaw, Wa. And Jeff Holtby Langley, Wa.

The Central Oregon Boys- Hunter, Joe, Kellen and Mark will head a Hands-On Flaming Sculpture Project that will remain on site.

LOCATION: Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts – Summit Complex in Government Camp on Mount Hood, OR.

Event fee is $90.00 for 5 days or $25.00 per day.
Pre-registration and T-shirts are available on the Cascadia Center Website. WWW.CASCADIAART.ORG

Blacksmith Week 2015 Schedule:

9am- 12pm      1pm – 4pm
Wed 19th    Registration  Hands-On- Darryl Nelson
 Thurs 20th   Roberto- Tool building,  Workshop following  Bend Boys- Fire Pit Sculpture followed by Hands-On
 Fri 21st  Roberto – Flower,  Workshop following  Jeff Holtby – Floral Grill with traditional Joinery
 Sat 22nd   Roberto -Bird,  Workshop following  Gary Eagle – Non-traditional Scrolls
Sun 23rd   To be announced

Roberto Giordani will be doing a 3 day Hands-On Workshop
Thurs -Sat following his demonstratio

Limited to 8 students – Cost for the 3 day workshop $ 100 plus registration
Each morning he will be doing a Demo followed by the workshop.

Three days schedule for Roberto Giordani course: “The Metal Metamorphosis”

Roberto Giordani will show his methods, divided by phase:

  • Demonstration of executing steps through drawings
  • Building tools with students
  • Forging flowers and animals starting from a single iron piece
  • Presentation of Angelo Bartolucci, his works and his tutorial boards.

The classic manufacturing technique of Angelo Bartolucci will be revised with Roberto Giordani’s style, obtaining modern forms.

Day 1

  • Presentation of Roberto Giordani drawings and works
  • Presentation of Angelo Bartolucci, works and tutorial boards (pictures, drawings and short videos)
  • Presentation of two Roberto Giordani drawings about th epieces to make and about the required tools
  • Tools building.

Day 2:

  • Roberto will draw on the blackboard the executing steps for making a flower.
  • Then he will forge every step with students using the tools built by themselves.
  • Finishing and polighing of the forged piece.

Day 3

  • Roberto will draw on the blackboard the executing steps for making a bird.
  • Then he will forge every step with his students.
  • Finishing and polishing of the forged piece.

More information about the location and registration at the Blacksmith Week Event page.

International Blacksmithing Event: Ypres 2016

If you live in the world, here is an important date for your diary. Artist blacksmiths are invited to take part in a major, International public forging event in the centre of Ypres, in Flanders, Belgium, from the 1st to the 6th of September 2016, to create a Cenotaph to commemorate those on all sides – both military and civilian –  who fell, or were touched by the First World War.

During the War, Blacksmiths and Farriers were essential to maintain the military machine, and to shoe countless thousands of horses. One hundred years later, the plan is to bring together blacksmiths from the many countries whose soldiers fought in the War, to celebrate their skills in a spirit of peace and co-operation, and to remember the fallen.

As a strategic military focus throughout the first Word War, Ypres provides testimony to the heroism, tragedy, futility and aftermath of war, because in contrast to many other European cities, reminders of the War are still there. This was “the war to end wars”, which gave rise to so many poignant images – the grim reality of trench warfare, and yet in those black and white photographs, the soldiers smile; the Christmas Truce of 1914; trees shattered by heavy shelling; artillery and horses bogged down in mud; and straggling lines of men blinded by gas.

During more than four years of fighting, the battle front shifted little more than five miles, ( eight kilometres ) back and forth to the east of Ypres, at the cost of some 800,000 military and civilian casualties. The city itself was almost completely reduced to rubble –  yet it stands today, proudly re-built, including the huge and iconic medieval Cloth Hall, which dominates the cobbled city square of the Grote Markt.

This First World War centennial project was initiated in 2009 by Luc Vandecasteele of ASG, the Belgian Guild of Blacksmiths, and designed by Terrence Clark, then the Chairman of BABA, the British Artist Blacksmiths Association. His Poppy Cenotaph design is a seven metre tall steel slab, incorporating the negative and positive image of a Flanders poppy, to symbolise the two sides of war; the negative, representing those who lost their lives, and the loss experienced by their families; the positive representing the future that springs from their sacrifice, and for those who survived and their families.

The cenotaph, designed by Terrence Clark

The cenotaph, designed by Terrence Clark

The Cenotaph will stand in a field of 2016 forged steel poppies, surrounded by a zig-zag arrangement of individually designed railing panels, echoing the characteristic plan form of the trenches. This will both define and provide public access to the site, when the Cenotaph is installed permanently in Langemark-Poelkapelle, Belgium, a few kilometres from Ypres, alongside the beautiful German Cemetery.  The ceremony to unveil and inaugurate the Cenotaph will take place there on 11.11.2016.

The poppies and railing panels will all be made at the event. Thirteen railing panels will be designed by invited masters, each to be made by teams of six volunteer blacksmiths, under the guidance of the master. This is an opportunity to experience working alongside some of the world’s most respected blacksmiths. To date, Will Maguire from Australia; Achim Kuhn from Germany; Claudio Bottero from Italy; Peter De Beus from Belgium; Sandra Dunn from Canada; Takayoshi Komine from Japan; Vladimir Sokhonovich from Russia; Francisco Gazitua from Chile and Shona Johnson from the UK have all agreed to take part. The names of further masters will be listed in due course.

Twelve railing panels will be designed in an international design competition, open to all. Each winner will similarly be assisted to create their design, by six volunteer blacksmiths.   The design brief and application form is available on the project website at www.ypres2016, where you can register your intention to submit a design. This is an opportunity to design a panel to represent your feelings about a very serious subject, as part of a significant and lasting memorial.

The work will be undertaken in extensive blacksmithing facilities set up in the Grote Markt – the Market Square – in the centre of Ypres. The 7m x 2m x 100mm Cenotaph slab will be erected on a temporary base, clad with plywood, enabling the 2016 forged steel poppies to be set in place around it, as they are made.

Some of the poppies will be forged by children, who will be assisted by specialist blacksmith instructors, in dedicated forging areas within cordoned safety zones.  Strict safety regulations will be observed under the control of an appointed Safety Officer, who with a Forgemaster and a team of deputies will control the activities on the site.

To accompany activities in the Grote Markt, BABA is currently working on a proposal to mount a public exhibition of blacksmithing work in Ypres.  A suitable indoor Exhibition space has been identified and our Exhibition Officer is working on the details.  Further information about the Exhibition space and the kind of work which may be submitted, will be published on the Ypres2016 website in due course.

As one of the largest public events with which BABA and ASG have been involved, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and application of contemporary blacksmithing; meet and work with smiths from other countries; and contribute to the creation of a unique and significant piece of work.

For more details visit

Facebook, Ypres2016


Mentoring Center August 8, 2015

The NWBA Mentoring Center event planned for August 8, 2015 has been changed.

Previously there was to be a hardy tool making work party and open forge, but we have enough hardy tools now!

So, it is a great opportunity for us to catch up on a much needed inventory of the tools we do have.

Please join us at the NWBA Mentoring Center on August 8th, 2015 to take inventory of our tools, and when that is complete the forges will be lit and open forge will begin.

Check our Events page for details.

Walking Tours of Leland Ironworks

Walking Tours of Leland Iron WorksCome join MFA in AC&D 2016 candidate Annie Aube on a walking tour of Leland Iron Works. The walking tour will delve into the history and conceptual nature of Lee Kelly’s work as well as the natural history of the land. Walking is the basis for much of Aube’s work, and the tour will incorporate this action and the way it interacts with environment, and memory. Though the work of these two artists is different the importance of place connects them, both as an inspiration and as a way of creating experience.

Every Saturday: July 11th-August 29th
At 11:00 am
Cost: $10 per person

Leland Iron Works
13099 S Warnock Rd.
Oregon City, OR


Online Conference Registration Open Until May 6th

Online Registration for Northwest Blacksmith Association’s 2015 Conference will only be open for one more week, until May 6th, 2015, 6 PM.

T-Shirts are only available if you register before May 6th.

Assure your place at the banquet, buy your tickets online before registration closes.

Register for the conference today.

Online Registration is Now Closed

You can register for the conference on the day of the conference, at the registration desk, but the banquet tickets and t-shirts are only available at pre-registration.

NWBA Blacksmith Conference 2015 Registration

Spring 2015 NWBA Blacksmith Conference
May 15 thru 17, 2015

Cowlitz Regional Conference Center
Longveiw Washington

Pre-Registration online is now CLOSED

Make your plans now to attend a blacksmithing tradition
Demonstators: Frederic Crist and Dennis Dusek
PLUS:  Hands-on, Tailgate Sales, Gallery, Auction, Banquet, Slideshow
More information about NWBA Conference 2015

Pre-Registration online is now CLOSED for the NWBA Blacksmith Conference May 15-17, 2015.
Registration for the conference is available at the registration desk at the conference.
There is no guarantee that you will be able to get a T-shirt or a banquet ticket at the door.

Cost to Attend:

Three Day Conference Fees (attend the whole conference)
Member: $90
Household: (at the same residence) $115

One Day Conference Fees (attend only one day)
Member: $65
Household: (at the same residence) $80

Banquet Dinner Tickets: $25 per person. Not Included in Fees above.
Our banquet dinner will be served on Saturday night, May 16th, to meal ticket holders only. Tickets are sold and issued at registration. Dinner is buffet style, main course choices to be determined.

T-Shirts: $15 each. You must add each t-shirt to the cart separately, but you can add as many as you like. There will only be very, very few t-shirts available for sale at the conference.

Camping Fees will be paid at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference.
Trailer Hookups w/ water and electric: $15 per night
Dry camping in the Tent Barn, and outdoor camping: $5 per night

Return to NWBA Conference 2015 Information

Western States Blacksmith Conference 2015

Forging on the Faultline

California Blacksmith Association

will be hosting the

2015 Western States Blacksmith Conference

Concurrent with the CBA Spring Conference

April 23 through 26

at the San Benito County Fairgrounds
Hollister, California

 Bladesmithing Demos
Hands-on Workshops
  • Mark Krause and Frank Trousil – Power Hammer
  • Darryl Nelson and Mark Aspery – Teaching workshops
Contest – Team and Individual forging competition; final theme and regulations to be posted Feb, 15th
Gallery – Auction – Iron in the hat – Vendors – Tailgate Sales.
Online registration will open on the 6th of February via

Schedule and Information
Site 1: Teaching Station:
Mark Aspery, Darryl Nelson and friends.
Site 2: Power Hammer Workshop:
Frank Trousil and Mark Krause.
Site 3: Phil Baldwin/Leonard Urso
Site 4: Dean Mook/Meagan Crowley
Site 5: Kirk McNeill/Alfred Bullerman

Site 1: Teaching Station:
Mark Aspery, Darryl Nelson and friends.
Site 2: Power Hammer Workshop:
Frank Trousil and Mark Krause.
Site 3: Phil Baldwin/Leonard Urso
Site 4: Dean Mook/Meagan Crowley
Site 5: Kirk McNeill/Alfred Bullerman

Site 1: Teaching Station:
Mark Aspery, Darryl Nelson and friends.
Site 2: Power Hammer Workshop:
Frank Trousil and Mark Krause.
Site 3: Phil Baldwin/Leonard Urso
Site 4: Dean Mook/Meagan Crowley
Site 5: Kirk McNeill/Alfred Bullerman

General Information

Shop Time will be from 8am-noon and 1-5pm
Midnight Madness after Evening Events
Meals available onsite for purchase, breakfast/lunch/dinner

Mark Aspery Classes Added!!

Due to the popularity of Mark Aspery upcoming workshop, additional workshops have been added.

The events are coming up immediately, DO NOT MISS THESE OPPORTUNITIES!!

Mark AsperyTwo Day Workshop with Mark Aspery
National Curriculum, Level I Certification
Tuesday, November 4 and Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

Two Day Workshop with Mark Aspery
National Curriculum, Level I Certification
Thursday, November 6 and Friday, November 7, 2014.

NWBA Mentoring Center November Event
Forging a Miner’s Lamp
Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Day Workshop with Mark Aspery
Forging a Miner’s Lamp
Sunday, November 9, 2014


Fall 2014 Upcoming NWBA Events

The NWBA has a lot to offer in the coming weeks…


October Mentoring Center Monthly Event:

Jeff Holtby, of Arcane Metal Arts, brings a great and unique demonstration to our Mentoring Center, Longview, WA: Forging a simple padlock and key.  There will be a 3 hour demonstration beginning at 9AM, followed by lunch break and then open forging in the afternoon.

Date: October 25, 2014
Time: 9AM – 5PM
Location: NWBA Mentoring Center, 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA

Cost: $10
Attendees must be current NWBA members due to insurance requirements



Two Day Workshop with Mark Aspery.

This beginning blacksmithing workshop will focus on the Western States Curriculum. Students who complete the class will receive a certificate of completion for Level I of the Western States Curriculum.

Dates: Thursday November 6 and Friday November 7, 2014.
Time: 9-4 with a lunch break.
Location: NWBA Mentoring Center, 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA

Cost: $250,  $125 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.
Audit option: $50 per day, payable at the door the day of the event.

Contact Darryl Nelson to reserve your spot in this class., or call 253-318-1842

This is a great opportunity to learn with a very experienced blacksmith teacher.
Limited to 6 students.


November Mentoring Center Event

We are adjusting our schedule for November to enable more people to come and avoid conflicting with holiday schedules. The November demonstration is occurring on the 2nd Saturday, rather than our usual 4th Saturday.

This month we have Mark Aspery demonstrating either more of the Western States Curriculum or maybe something else. Instead of having a morning demo and open forge in the afternoon, Mark is going to demonstrate morning and afternoon, and you can be sure he will fill those hours with a huge amount of vital blacksmith education.

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Time: 9AM – 4PM with a lunch break.
Location: NWBA Mentoring Center, 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA

Cost: $10
Attendees must be current NWBA members due to insurance requirements


Blacksmith Week 2014 on Mt. Hood

Registration for Blacksmith Week will open @ 9am Thurs Aug 21st at the old Summit CCC Camp, located across Hwy 26 from the Government Camp Rest Area and due west of the Government Camp ODOT Facility .

There is limited space for both RV’s and Tent’s on site, Dry Camp Only, with water available for filling container’s, No Showers.
As you may know from the past events, there are many lodging options in Govy for those desiring a little more comfort.
The site is located on the historic Oregon Trails, offering a short hike or bike to Trillium Lake. Ski Bowls adventure Park is in full swing, berries are ripe and Timberline Lodge is just up the mountain 6 miles.
Bring the family, No charge for children. You are on your own for food, once again , Govy offers a wide variety of dining options.
This a National Forest and Camp Fires will depend on conditions.
Fees are $15 per day or $50 for all 4 days, camping is First come Basis, there is no fee for camping on site.
Demo’s will begin at 1:00pm on Thurs aug 21st with an evening Hands On @ 7:00pm
DEMO FRI Hands On 9am to 12pm Demo 1pm to 5pm
Sat Demo 9pm to 12pm Demo 1pm to 4pm
Sun Demo and Hands On 9am to 12pm
Please bring items to show & sell, there is a 10% commission to CCAC.
Sales have been good at past Blacksmith Weeks.


Thursday –    9 am Registration

1:00pm-4:00pm     Demo        Tri Fricker     Project/ Wall Sconce – Hollow forging (pipe & tubing)

Friday–           9:00am-12:00         Short Demo / followed by Hands-On

1:00pm-5:00pm     Demo     Terry Carson & Darryl Nelson /  Joinery – Under 4 hr. Gate, formerly 3 hr. Gate

Saturday–     9:00am-12:00     Demo    Kellen  Bateham – Origami in Copper

1:00pm-4:00pm     Demo      Joe Elliott & Hunter Dahlberg/ Candle Holder – Using Newly developed Joinery the “Joe Joint”

Sunday–        9:00am-12:00         Short Demo/followed by Hands-On

Remember to bring a chair, there are no bleachers.

Darryl Nelson
Blacksmith cordinator CCAC

NWBA Blacksmith Conference 2014 Registration


Spring 2014 NWBA Blacksmith Conference

Celebrate 35 years of Blacksmithing History
May 15 thru 18, 2014
Cowlitz Regional Conference Center
Longveiw Washington

Make your plans now to attend a blacksmithing tradition
Demonstators: Dorothy Stiegler with John Williams,   and Ben Czyhold.
Raffles, Tailgate Sales, Gallery, Auction, Banquet, Hands-on
Many Side Show Events – Venders – Food And A Dutch Oven Cook Off
P R I Z E S  and R E W A R D S
Evening lecture and discussion for your enjoyment.


Online Registration is Now Closed




Read More→

Blacksmithing Classes at Clatsop Community College

Clatsop Community College in Astoria Oregon is offering Blacksmithing classes:
Blacksmithing 1 this fall. All has been approved for the class.
Blacksmithing 2 will be offered in the winter
Blacksmithing 3 will be offered in the spring.
These are all 3 credit classes and the limit is 12 students. Students may audit if they wish. The classes are going to be 6 hour classes offered on Saturday’s beginning in early October. The times are 9:00 AM till 4 PM with one hour lunch at noon. There will be a lab fee for materials.
I have taught basic and intermediate blacksmithing for C.C.C.’s Historic Preservation Degree program for the last 4 years and have been asked to teach these classes as well. We are excited to offer these classes and welcome all comers. The classes will appear in the upcoming fall catalog and are to be offered at the colleges M.E.R.T.S. campus in the welding shop.
Feel free to contact me, Dave Curl, at Or Lucien Swerdloff, instructor for historic preservation at .
We are currently working on funding and have had several donations of tools from the local community. If anyone would like to donate something, please contact myself- Dave Curl or Lucien Swerdloff, and we will send a form that will confirm the value of your donation for tax purposes. You set the value and then get the write off.
These classes are a go and we hope to have students from all over the north west, just as the historic preservation class has had.
Clatsop Community College
1651 Lexington Avenue
Astoria, OR  97103

NWBA Conference 2014 Schedule of Events

All schedules  are open to change until they are over!

Here is a description of the days and times ( approximate ) for the upcoming conference:

Wednesday , May 14 ,2014 
Set up starts at 12:00 noon.
You may come and find a camping or parking spot at this time>

Registration opens at 8:00 all days but don’t face the long line, register early online

Thursday, May 15
8:00 am demo area opens

8:00 till 12:00   Dorothy Steigler starts the bronze forge piece of her subject.
lunch 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Ben Cyzold will demo various subjects as described in the HIN

Thursday evening : Berkely Tack will have a program in the main auditoium showing his work and forging history . 7:00 till finish.

Friday May 16: 
8:00 till 12:00  main demo area continues with Dorothy Steigler and Ben Cyzold
lunch 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
At 1:00 Andy Blackney will do a program in the tailgate area. Forging and fun is Andy’s M O .

Friday evening at 6:30 in the main auditorium ,a presentation about the Hudson’s Bay Co. At fort Vancouver will be put on by Tom Dwyer, president of the Vancouver Metalsmiths guild. Followed by an open forum focused on the NWBA past present and future. Member satisfaction and services will be a topic. Bring your questions and comments. Three long time members and smiths will be on hand for discussion

All day Friday the Dutch ovens will be simmering in the area just near thee naming demo barn. The Dutch oven cookers have offered to let you sample their tasty dishes, so bring a dollar or five for donation to cover their expenses. The Dutch oven cookers do this because they like to, so please support them.

Saturday May 17:
8:00 till 12:00 Saturday, demos in the main demo barn by Ben and Dorothy
lunch 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
1:00 in the tailgate area be ready to see a presentation by Steve Magrew, experienced smith from Spokane ,Wash.

Saturday Evening should be a great time, as the public will be invited to our auction to hopefully bid on the NWBA auction items. This is a new approach to bring interest to our ironwork. Please participate by bringing an auction item. The public will be in the area for preveiw from 1 to 4:00 pm.

Sunday morning:  open forge and tips from various members.
Clean up and exit on Sunday afternoon.

As always the gallery and hands on will be available throughout the conference. The hands on sessions will be filled with interest, and with your support the gallery always offers a lot to look at. Some additional events may still be added . Stay tuned for hands on info.

Contact the conference co chairs with questions comments or suggestions:  Brent Christianson or Bruce Crittenden