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Darryl Nelson Forging a Ram’s Head Tomahawk

Swaptoberfest 2017 Demonstration


Blacksmith Week 2017 Gallery

Blacksmith Week 2017, at Government Camp, Mt. Hood Oregon.

Photos are taken by Amy Mook, and are basically in chronological order, and unedited.

Berkley Tack March 2017

Mentoring Center Demonstration

Berkley Tack: Scroll Jigs and their use, and heat treating

Photographs by Dan Bowyer

Terry Carson April 2017

Mentoring Center Demonstration

Terry Carson: Handles, Hooks and Door Pulls

Photographs by Dan Bowyer

Bill Apple February 2017

Mentoring Center Demonstration

Bill Apple: hammer handle install, hinges, and door pulls.

Photographs by Dean Mook

Conference Galleries

Mentoring Center Demonstrations

Andy Blakney January 2017

Mentoring Center Demonstration

Andy Blakney treated us to a great demonstration of production style hand forged tongs.  In just over 2 hours Andy forged 4 sets of tongs, 4 different bit styles. Look for an article coming out in the Hot Iron News 2017 Quarter 1, due out mid March.  

Photographs by Dan Bowyer

Blacksmith Week 2016 Gallery

Blacksmith Week 2016, at Government Camp, Mt. Hood Oregon.

Photos are taken by Amy Mook, and are basically in chronological order, and unedited.

Mark Aspery Demo March 2016

Mark Aspery spent 4 days at the NWBA Mentoring Center in March 2016, 3 days were for a workshop, and the 4th was the day was our monthly demonstration.  Here are some photographs taken at the demonstration illustrating the forging of a Stag Horn Hinge.  For notes on the demonstration look HERE.

Arnon Kartmazov Demo Gallery September 2015

Arnon KartmazovTools, Tricks, and Hofi’s ergonomic forging method and its applications

Arnon’s demonstration covered many topics and techniques, he used a wide array of tools and showed a variety of applications the aggressive forging style he learned from Uri Hofi. As with most skilled demonstrators, what seems easy takes a lot of practice and hammer control. Using direct blows on the edge of the anvil, on a hardy tool, or under the power hammer one can achieve a lot of movement, which can cause a lot of trouble if the blows are not deliberate and precise. Here are  photos from his demonstration, with many thanks to Dan Bowyer for sharing them with us.  All photos copyright Dan Bowyer 2015.

NWBA Conference 2015

Hands-on class at NWBA 2015 Conference

NWBA’s 2015 Conference was jam packed with activities.  We had three demonstrators; Dennis Dusek teamed up with Brett Moten to build a sculptural NWBA sign, and Frederic Crist who also took on a sculpture project – spectacular flying birds.

There were four hands-on classes; Steve McGrew- BBQ Tools, Lisa Geertsen – Italian Leaf, Kellen Bateham – Origami in copper and steel, Scott Szloch – scrolling collaring and riveting.

AND… there was a repoussé station, a slide show, gallery, auction, and a ton of demonstrating and hands-on going on in the tailgater areas, and we had a beautiful firepit to hang out by -built by Hunter Dahlberg and Kellen Bateham. These photos are just a taste of what we enjoyed.

Blacksmith Week Gallery 2014

Darryl Nelson and Terry Carson work on the 4 hour gate using all traditional joinery.

Darryl Nelson and Terry Carson work on the 4 hour gate using all traditional joinery.

Blacksmith Week at Summit Camp on Mt. Hood was a blast. Four jam packed days of demonstrations, hands-on work and open forge time… and good times hanging out in a beautiful setting. . . Blacksmith heaven.

Blacksmith Week is sponsored by Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts (CCAC), which offers instruction in many mediums of art and craft. Visit for more information on their programs and facilities.

NWBA Blacksmith Gallery

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