Northwest Blacksmith Association

Donate to Ypres 2016

PoppyThe NWBA participated in the Ypres Poppies WWI Memorial event in January 2016 by making over 100 poppies to send and include in the project.  Some of our members are going to Belgium in September to be part of the blacksmith event there. Others of you may want to support this event with a donation.

Ypres Poppies  World War 1 Memorial Event

In the War of 1914 -1918 blacksmiths and farriers were indispensable in sustaining the war effort on all sides and the blacksmiths of today are coming together once more to use their skill to craft the Cenotaph. In September 2016 a striking new World War 1 Cenotaph is being created in Ypres, Belgium.

Hundreds of blacksmiths and farriers from around the world will come together to create the Cenotaph in a week-long event in Flanders.

Two ways to donate in the USA

  1. This is the crowd funding site. If you contribute through this site you can use a credit card or pay pal. You can also receive a perk for your donation. Poppies, key fobs and tshirts are some of the perks available. Postage will be added to your contribution.
  2. Send a check in dollars to

Kate Dinneen
1582 N 1500 Rd
Lawrence, KS  66046

Make the check out to Kate Dinneen Ypres 2016 Fund. Kate will coordinate with Steven Pitt who is the person sorting the Finances for the event. The money raised will be used to help get the US Master over there, lodged and fed for the week and any other expenses we have on the US side. Any remaining funds will be sent to the main account overseas.