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Date(s) - 07/04/2017 - 07/07/2017
All Day

Dates: July 4-7, 2017
Location: Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Host City: Cloverdale, British Columbia

CanIRON XI will run from Tuesday July 4 to Friday July 7, 2017 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University located at 5500 180th Street, Cloverdale, BC, Canada V3S 6R1.

Vancouver Island Blacksmith Association will co-host with blacksmiths from the greater Vancouver area and assistance from the Kootenay Blacksmiths Association.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has a Farrier School and we will be using the Farrier Barn (there are 14 Forges and work stations), part of the welding shop and another part of their inner courtyard.  The Demonstration areas should be all either inside a building or under a roof.

There is no camping on-site, we will be posting a selection of sites on the web-site

Registration will be open soon, check for updated info at

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  1. Just got back from BC, although hot, this was an excellent CanIron,and just over the border. Saw a few NWBA folks rambling between the 6 stations, action was great, getting out of the sun was the order of the day with chairs moving a lot to keep the shade near the overhang roofs. the Campus (Kwantlen Tech) is literally world class. From all welding to carbon-arc stations, to the 20 bay auto center with Chrysler hemi in the entrance,and amazing tooling, and a fully outfitted farriers barn, 16 coal forge stations, and rubber matted stalls area. So nice we just ran around the first day looking at all the goodies, wish I had more pics. we didn’t even go into many carpentry etc shops too much good stuff. they had a nice huge double grinder with twin belts and a 5 hp motor (4″ by about 12 feet long belts on wheels each side). We all tried to talk them out of it, since it was still shrink wrapped on the pallet.

    Glenn Moon from Australian (Crazy good and fun), Dorothy Stiegler (she says hi to you all by the way) and many others, half of them were under 30 (woohoo good for the craft). Matt Jenkins (second gen smith) who did the hook a day book (one year 366 hooks) showed some of the cooler ones, like a woven plate, a pea pod etc on Hooks. Benoit Laurent did nice large traditional welded scrolls, Kerry Nielson did an amazing filemaking demo with good hands on explanations and many young smiths learned a lot from him. Doug Pryor did the most amazing Raising a Copper Snail from Plate to finish during the show) also one of the highlights for the auction along with Dorothy’s flowers and hummingbirds. Gennadii Boyarskyi did some amazing detailed flower bundle with very interesting ways to make wheat and other non-flower items in the bunch.and it also went high at the auction. some nice made wooden tool carriers were a highlight there also. See the pics at

    Eric Sprado showed up to do the Auction and did a great job. The college cafeteria hosted a 3 meal a day plan for us for about 150 for the week, and the banquet. 3 cheers for our Friend Neil Gustafson from BC who did an incredible amount of work to put this together THANKS NEIL!

    Great Time! Plus now I have to figure out how to get down to Canberra Australia to See Moonies Shop. (Oh yeah, He has played with some of the biggest hammers in the biz. He came up in the Iron Mills.) He knocked out a top& bottom tool for Dorothy to taper flowers out of a large steel blob, and some strap and put a guide pin in the blocks, he and Grant would have had fun. Totally an off grid type of Blacksmith he even made a waste oil forge cobbled together to burn for forging, his is 3x3x4feet lined with 3″ of kaowool, the the boys up north thought was pretty cool. He uses a large gen (runs off waste oil, mixed kinds even) for his hammers and fans and makes do with the rest. no cordless drills in his shop.

    Back to the US, my next Fair is the 15th and I won’t see a break until Blacksmith week.

    How many times did I say amazing (not enough!).

    – DONK

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