Northwest Blacksmith Association


Date(s) - 10/27/2017 - 10/29/2017
All Day

Swap Meet & Hammer-In in October!!

NWBA Blacksmith Swap Meet & Mini-Conference
October 27,28, 29, Friday – Sunday
at the Mentoring Center and Fairgrounds, Longview, WA
~ So Much More than a Swap Meet ~

  • Open forge on Friday and Saturday night! *
  • Blacksmiths’ Swap Meet – All Day Saturday! Huge tailgating area! Vending in the tailgating area is open to anyone. Attendance to swap meet free of charge, and will be open to public buyers. Surcharge for vending booth is $10, except for Orphan Vendors.
  • Orphan Vendors’ Booth! Orphan Vendors (folk with less than $65 worth of stuff to sell) may sell in the Orphans’ booth for a 15% service charge. This booth will be staffed, so Orphans can go play.
  • Three demonstrators*
        Saturday AM – David Tuthill ‘sculpture’
        Saturday PM – Andy Dohner ‘fly press tooling’
        Sunday AM – Darryl Nelson ‘making it look easy, tips from a master’
  • “Masquerade Metallique” contest! Make a mask out of metal and bring it to this event. Anything from aluminum foil to pattern-welded stainless is allowed. Masks will be on display and all participants will vote for Crowd Favorites. Prizes will be awarded!

* Mentoring Center activities require NWBA membership. $30 cover charge for full weekend or portion thereof. Cover charge is in addition to vending surcharge.


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Cowlitz Expo Center and NWBA Mentoring Center


  1. Not sure how to get this word out to everyone, but will start here.
    A lot of older NWBA members will fondly remember ROGER OLSEN who passed away over 10 years ago. He was a friend and mentor. He lived in Mazama, WA. I’m helping Mary Sharman ( his ex partner) finally deal with his shop after it sitting basically untouched for the last 10+ years.
    Although most of his equipment went to fellow smiths shortly after his death, but there is still a lot of small things in his shop. I will be bringing them over for the Swaptoberfest in hopes of generating some $$ for Mary and helping to cover some of my time and travel costs. Some of the items I’ll be bringing over to sell include:
    325 Lb anvil ( with dedicated hardy tools)l, two post vises, small shop tables, lots of tongs and hammers and tooling and some misc. other guy stuff. I’ll also be bringing a modest selection of pure iron in 12 ft lengths that has been stored outside for probably 15 years ( think Eastern WA, snow country dry, a bit rusty, but one trip in the forge will take care of that). I look forward to reconnecting with some old faces as I’ve been out of the loop for several years ( joined NWBA in late 80’s). Still making my living pounding iron though.

    Barry Stromberger
    Twisp, Wa

    ( if this is not the correct forum for this announcement/heads up, could someone please pass this along or let me know how/where to post)

  2. Hey Barry, I would be interested in some of this stuff alright as I’m just beginning trying to kit out without buying new as much as possible. Any idea what you would like to charge for the Anvil and Post Vices ?

    Also Barry
    Irish man living in Ballard who likes to hit metal.

    • Hi Irishman: I’m sorry I ‘m just now seeing your reply. Unfortunately I sold the anvil to a local guy last weekend who also took some tongs and hammers. Still bringing lots of misc. stuff down to the sale. Small post vise ( on a stand ) I’d like to get $200 for, larger (5 1/2″) $400.00. See you there.

  3. Hey there Barry, no worries I’m sure I’ll find something to suit me down there anyway. Might still be interested in that larger post vice though …. See you there (I have Red Beard and Mohawk Hair so you can’t miss me :-))

    Also named Barry
    Irish man living in Ballard who likes to hit metal.

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