Northwest Blacksmith Association

J.C. Ashley Documentary Fund Raiser

J.C. Ashley DocumentaryEric A.O., in Amherst Massachusetts is working pro bono to restore a 1975 film of 88 years-young proprietor, J. C. Ashley, of a 3rd-generation N. E. workshop. Feature-length and rare living history film.
A fundraiser is underway to help him complete this project.

J. C. Ashley was the quintessential village smithy and foster of blacksmithing, who  generously exhibited his craft and spoke about his history for this film. His business practice was guided by pre-industrial logos and he was known to “make anything and fix anything” for anybody.  It is time to restore and finish this film for him.

The film reels that constitute this film have been deeded to the Amherst (MA) Historical Society and Eric has offered to finish it. Documentary film is living history and does an excellent job of preserving our cultural history by showing how a record of the past is not dead and motionless, but an active agent for informing us in the present. This rare film does an excellent job of communicating this message, and more. The technology of the film, the style of the filming and the subject of the film makes this a rare gem.
Eric is excited to finish it for you all to see, but needs your help…. please take a moment to check out the project at Kickstarter: