Northwest Blacksmith Association

NWBA Board of Directors 2014 Election Results

Those elected in the 2014 NWBA Board of Directors elections will serve a 2 year term, 2015-16.  NWBA has elections every year.

The Count

We had 4 people counting and some great broscht and rye bread for lunch.  There were 78 ballots returned.  The count was:

Don Eckler                68
Peggy Gudgell             69
Rashelle Hams         71
Steve McGrew              69
Torvald Sorenson           1



Don, Peggy, Rashelle and Steve you’re on the board.  And, Torvald you may be next in line!  I can honestly say that having this happen to me 35 years ago changed my life.  It forged and welded lifelong friendships.  And, I hope that I helped lay the foundation for the organization that we are today.  You will be angry, you will have fun and joy.  Please, ask for help from everyone, every chance you get!

Thank you all very much,

Jim Garrett


    • very sorry for that Jason, not sure why that would have happened. A few notices went out that said if you did not get the ballot contact our secretary, but it is a moot point now. very sorry your vote was not counted.