Northwest Blacksmith Association

NWBA Board of Directors 2015 Election Results

Here are the NWBA election results.  I’m not sure what the policy is for the tie.

There were 89 ballots returned and counted

Kellen Bateham          78

Jeff Cawley                62

Lee Cordochorea        78

Hunter Dahlberg        76

Lynn Gledhill              62

Jim Von Mosch           67

Paul Thorne                1


We counted 3 times to make sure there was not a miscount with the close results
We had a great pot of Minestrone soup, olive bread and apple pie!!!

THANK YOU everyone for serving on the board

Jim Garrett
NWBA Election Chairman


editors note: Those elected in the 2015  NWBA Board of Directors elections will serve a 2 year term, 2016-17.  NWBA has elections every year.


  1. Was there a coin toss to determine the tie breaker by the election committee as stated in our bi-laws

  2. The By-laws are very clear. In the event of a tie ,the elections committee was to conduct a coin toss at the count determining the winner. Why wasn’t this done ? Did no one check the By-laws, they are posted on line.
    Darryl Nelson