Northwest Blacksmith Association

NWBA Board of Directors 2016

The NWBA Board of Directors met on January 23rd, 2016.  Before new officers were elected, Election Chair Jim Garrett tossed a coin to determine how the tie between Lynn Gledhill and Jeff Cawley would be determined.  Lynn Gledhill was the winner of the toss.  However, Don Eckler announced his resignation from the board (he had one more year to his term). Jeff Cawley will be replacing Don for the rest of his term and will decide at the end of this year if he will run again.

Officers elected at the board meeting are: Lee Cordochorea – President, Lynn Gledhill – Vice President, Peggy Gudgell – Secretary, Jim von Mosch – Treasurer. Directors at large: Kellen Bateham, Jeff Cawley, Hunter Dahlberg, Rashelle Hams, and Steve McGrew.

Thanks to all who have stepped up to serve on the Board of Directors of the Northwest Blacksmith Association. And, thanks to those who voted.

We are looking for more folks to step up and help us to run this great organization.  The bylaws allow for as many as 15 people on the board. You don’t have to wait for an election.   The board has the authority to appoint someone they think could be of service to the board.  If you care, and have a willingness to help out, talk to one of your board members.

NWBA Board of Directors contact information can be found HERE.

The count of ballots results of 89 ballots returned:

  • Kellen Bateham          78
  • Jeff Cawley                62
  • Lee Cordochorea        78
  • Hunter Dahlberg        76
  • Lynn Gledhill              62
  • Jim Von Mosch           67
  • Paul Thorne                1



  1. I want to share my observation of how well the people on the board work together, both the previous board and this one. Everyone keeps an open mind. Everyone listens to each other. Everyone looks out for each other.

    Most especially, everyone looks out for the good of the Association. We, the Board, work for you, the Membership.

    But we need your help! Please know that being a Director is indeed something you (yes YOU) can and should consider. We don’t bite. We don’t fight. We work together! We would very much like you to work with us.

    If you can handle documents or crunch numbers, then we want you even more. If you can talk with folk (social networking without computers) then you’ll be a big help to us. If all you can do is listen, ask questions, and make suggestions, WE NEED YOU!

    Please do consider serving this amazing Association as a Director.

    Thank you!