Northwest Blacksmith Association

NWBA Board of Directors Elections: 2015 Candidate Statements

Here are the statements submitted by the nominees running for the NWBA Board of Directors in the 2015 Election. We have 6 candidates running for 5 seats on the board, and the ballot also has a space for write-ins. Members will be receiving the ballots and candidate statements in the mail, but to give you plenty of time to make an informed choice, their statements are being published here.


Kellen BatehamKellen Bateham

My name is Kellen Bateham and I’ve been blacksmithing in Bend, OR for a little over a decade. The NWBA has become an important part of my life and I would love to start giving back to the group. Specifically, I would like to put energy behind keeping the conferences engaging and successful. I feel that conference time is incredibly valuable for all NWBA members, as that is where most of us have forged the bonds of friendship that allow us to share our knowledge freely. I look forward to joining the ranks of volunteers that keep our association moving forward.

Currently, I am a sole occupation blacksmith working for myself and am the Director of Special Operations for Orion Forge. I am also el presidente of the Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild (COMAG) where I direct two metal art events and 12 meetings each year. I hope to bring my experience and enthusiasm for collaboration to the NWBA Board of Directors and future conferences.

Cheers! Kellen Bateham

Jeff CawleyJeff Cawley

I am an amateur smith transitioning to professional after retirement. I currently maintain shops in Portland, OR and Brinnon, WA. I have been involved with the Fort Vancouver VIP program and the Fort Vancouver Trades Guild since 1991.

The NWBA is a great group that has supported and inspired my work. I look forward to doing my part to maintain and grow the group’s capabilities.

Jeff Cawley

Lee Cordochorea Lee Cordochorea

My Name is Lee Cordochorea. (It’s pronounced CORE-dough-core-AY-yuh.)

I’ve been a hobbyist smith since ‘95 and an NWBA member since 2010. It has been my honor to serve on the Board of Directors first as Vice President and then as Recording Secretary.

During my brief time I’ve tried to listen hard to what you, the membership, want. I’ve tried to work hard along side the other Board members. My reward for this effort has been to see our Association grow (more than 70 new members just this year), to see an Outreach program begin to take shape, and to help with efforts to bring more young people to our beloved craft. My reward has been to meet a lot more of you and marvel at what a diverse and dedicated group we really are. My reward has been to see the terrific things that happen when dedicated and talented people work together.

I ask your kind permission to continue working hard for our Association. Thank you for considering my re-election.

Hunter DahlbergHunter Dahlberg

I’m a sole occupation blacksmith living in Bend, Oregon and have been a member of the NWBA for about ten years now. The truth is I’ve never thought about running for the board – you know, so much to do, so little time – but recently I’ve decided to throw my hat in. Because really, we ALL have so much to do and so little time, yet still there are those who step up and contribute to this community simply because they believe in it, and because someone has to, and I’d like to be part of that. I’m not without some qualifications; I currently sit on the board of an educational metal arts guild in Bend, and back in another life I received a masters in Education. These experiences will help guide my participation on the board should I be elected, and will help me continue to foster the focus on education that the NWBA does so well.

Thank you, Hunter Dahlberg

Lynn GledhillLynn Gledhill

Thank you for considering me for another term on the board of the NWBA. I am hoping to expand our outreach and education efforts. The Mentoring Center has been a great venue for these programs and I want to see this continue to grow. Thanks for helping to run this great organization. We are family.

Lynn Gledhill

Jim von MoschJim von Mosch

Back in 2004 I had the desire to learn blacksmithing, and I attended my first NWBA conference. The first thing I saw was the Tailgate section. There were tools spread out with coffee cans and money…and an anvil with a $100 bill taped to it with a note and nobody around. I looked at my wife and said, “These are the kind of folks I would like to hang out with!” Since then I have attended every conference except for when we were out of the country. I am not yet a pro, nor am I a raw beginner, but when I meet someone who is interested I want to share what I know. As a board member, I hope to have a greater opportunity to share this craft. Thank you NWBA.

Jim von Mosch