Northwest Blacksmith Association

NWBA Election 2017 Results

The ballots have been counted and the new NWBA Officers have been elected.  

The ballots were counted on January 13,2018 at 1PM at Nimba Anvils by Jim Garrett, election committee chair. 

Members of the NWBA are welcome at the annual election vote count, and there usually is some kind of treat for those attending: 
Jim said, “This year, it was a big pot of Gumbo for lunch and if you missed it…………… missed it!  Then, tasting at Propolis Brewing!  I like the one brewed with nettles.”  

The results of this 2017 Election, after 3 countings of 97 ballots:

  • Kellen Bateham           87
  • Lee Cordochorea         69
  • Silas Maddox               70
  • Paul Thorne                 83
  • David Tuthill               75
  • Jim von Mosch           82
  • Nitzan Lilie                  1

THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!, for all your work in carrying the organization forward and making it friendlier and better!

Board officers were elected by the Board of Directors at the January 27, 2018 Board Meeting.  

Officers and board members for 2018 (current term of service): 

  • Lee Cordochorea – President, Appointed by the NWBA Board of Directors from the general membership to serve as President (2018)
  • Kellen Bateham – Vice President (2018-19)
  • Peggy Gudgell – Secretary (2017-18)
  • James von Mosch – Treasurer (2018-19)

Directors at large (current term of service):

  • Jeff Cawley (2017-18)
  • Silas Maddox (2018-19)
  • Steve McGrew (2017-18)
  • John Paul (2017-2018)
  • Paul Thorne (2018-19)
  • David Tuthill (2018-19)

Contact information for the current board can be found on the Board of Directors page. 

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