Northwest Blacksmith Association

About NWBA

Founded in 1979, the NWBA is a Washington corporation and a 501(c)(3) non-profit Charitable organization.  The Association is organized solely for educational purposes, including, but not limited to: encouraging and facilitating training programs and conferences to promote high standards for the art and craft of blacksmithing and related metal crafts; disseminating information about sources of equipment, literature and material related to the art and craft of blacksmithing and related crafts; exposing the public and interested groups to the art and craft of blacksmithing. The N.W.B.A. is one of the oldest and largest organization of it kind.

Membership brings many benefits:

  • Our print newsletter, The Hot Iron News, delivered to your doorstep four times a year. The Hot Iron News is our award winning publication that will keep you informed of what’s happening in The N.W.B.A, the Northwest, and in the world of blacksmithing.
  • Monthly Demonstration and Open Forge: Beginning in January 2013, NWBA will host a demonstration and open forge on the fourth Saturday of each month (10 months out of 12 during the year) at our new NWBA Mentoring Center at the Cowlitz Expo Center,Longview, WA.  Admission is free and open to NWBA members only.
  • Conferences: These annual events bring together hundreds of blacksmiths from around Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia and afar, three days of demonstrations, hands-on workshops and the camaraderie of folks who share a common interest. Tailgating, vendors, a gallery of ironwork, dinner and an auction just add to the excitement. With membership you have the opportunity to join in the fun and education.
  • Web Gallery space: Members have access to creating a mini-gallery online at  These galleries will be available for public viewing, and can greatly contribute to your online visibility.
  • In addition, membership allows you complete access to our extensive library of books, tapes and videos. There is no charge for borrowing from the library. You may also join in our other activities throughout the year.

What are you waiting for? Join NWBA today!!