Northwest Blacksmith Association

Power Hammer Use and Safety with Darryl Nelson

Mentoring Center Tire Hammer

NWBA Power Hammer arrives at the Mentoring Center

NWBA has a POWER HAMMER at the Mentoring Center, available for all members to use during our open forge and demonstration/open forge events… BUT you have to be certified to use it.  As with all power equipment, there is a right way and a many wrong ways to use it. For safety reasons and to make sure this Power Hammer is around for many years for all members to use, we are requiring that members learn it’s proper care and use.

DANGER!On Saturday December 12th, Darryl Nelson is going to be giving a class to teach and to certify people to use the Power Hammer.  Don’t miss this  great opportunity.  If you are learning blacksmithing or are a seasoned smith, but don’t have your own hammer, this is the time to come on down to Longview Washington and our Mentoring Center to get the skills to use the power hammer and the certification to be able to use the hammer during our open forges.  Don’t Miss It!

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015
Time: 9 AM – 4 PM
Location: NWBA Mentoring Center