Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 4th Quarter 2014

NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

From the Presidential Scrap Heap

Greetings All Blacksmiths:

Well, another year is nearly behind us. As we’ve just celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday, I am reflecting on the many good times and the good things that have happened with the NWBA.

The mentoring center has been a great success! We’ve had very well received demo’s by some of our own, including Dave Lisch, Jeff Holtby, Darryl Nelson, and Dean Mook. Mark Aspery’s workshop filled up so fast that we had him do a second one nearly back to back. Members Doug McGuire and Ronnie Selby have donated equipment and Simpson has given a grant for equipment. All in all, things are going great!

With the passing of another year, we are losing 4 board members; Bill Apple; Dean Mook; Brent Christiansen; and Jay McGowan. Thanks so much for your service to the NWBA!

We are also gaining 4 new board members. Ballots will be in the mail soon. You have the opportunity to choose who will be representing you on the board for the next two years.

As the New Year approaches, I am looking forward to more great times and great things with the NWBA. Remember, your board members are responsible for where this organization is going, and how we’re going to get there, but it is you, the members, who make this association great.

Good forging,