Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 1st Quarter 2014

NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

From the Presidential Scrap Heap

Greetings all blacksmiths,

Well here we are… We have a new board at the helm of this great organization. I am excited for the people we have on the board! I think we’ll make a great team!

I want to thank all the past board members, and each one who gave of themselves to make the NWBA what it is today. I especially want to thank Bill Apple for his work toward the Mentoring center, and Darryl Nelson for the same, and as treasurer, for getting us out of the red and into the black! Seems I heard a classic rock song with that thought.

I walked into my first board meeting last month and walked out the new President of the NWBA. Surprised at first, however, I’ve always liked a challenge, and I appreciate the confidence that the members placed in me to lead this great outfit! I hope to do a great job.

The monthly hammer-ins at the Mentoring Center have been very well attended. The forge welding demo by Darryl in January had a huge audience. Thanks to Darryl for teaching us so much! You make it look soooo easy.

We have a bronze forging workshop coming up in May with Dorothy Stiegler, a first step in what I hope will become many more workshops at the Mentoring Center.

Also in May, we have a 4 day conference extravaganza. We’ll have 3 full days of demo’s, and we are planning to have even more hands-on classes, both beginner and intermediate skill levels!

Hope to see you all there!

I am proud to be a member of the NWBA. This is my organization… And it is yours… The NWBA belongs to every member. It is the contributions of each person that make the NWBA great. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can do things even better. Please feel free to ask any question you like. There isn’t a question or comment you are thinking of that someone else isn’t also thinking. Just go to the website: and start a thread under “For the Good of the Order.” I think that is the easiest way for us all to communicate. I’ll be happy to hear from each one of you.

Good forging!