Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 1st Quarter 2017

Hello, Everyone!

Each year elections bring changes to the Board of Directors. Sometimes the changes are big and sometimes small. This year we needed 4 Directors but had only three names on the ballot. John Paul has agreed to accept appointment to the vacant seat. We need no less than five nominations for next 2017. Do expect to hear from our Elections Committee as we earnestly seek out candidates!

As always, PLEASE DO let your Board of Directors know how we may better serve YOU the membership! Feel free to contact any board member with questions or ideas. Our contact info is inside the front cover.

Here are just a few of the excellent ideas Members just like you have brought forth:

Bringing back the Potluck at our Conference; Taking our Archives to the public with travelling displays; Using the Mentoring Center not only for teaching and learning smith craft, but teaching and learning how to demonstrate; Holding an event this coming October.

That’s right; there will be a special event in October! Long time NWBA members Andrea and Dave Lisch have, for many years, hosted the Blacksmith’s Swap Meet under the bridge where their shop was. They’ve moved, of course. They also tell us the area under the bridge has had changes and no longer works for a swap meet. The NWBA will be helping to fill this void with an event in October. This won’t be a Conference, but it will be fun! In addition to opportunities to haggle and trade, there will be demonstrations and open forge time in the Mentoring Center. Look for details in this and future issues of the Hot Iron News and also on our Website (

The NWBA Conference is right around the corner (May 12 through 14 – Save the date!)

We’ll need help at the Registration desk, especially in the mornings. We also need volunteers for late-evening fire-watch. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Peggy Gudgell, and offer your help with these details! (You’ll find her contact information on the inside of the front cover.)

Speaking of details, you can find plenty beginning on page 11 of this issue of the Hot Iron News.

Don’t forget the County Fair in July (26th-29th)! We’ll be re-arranging the Mentoring Center to accommodate the public. Contact our volunteer coordinator, Peggy, and let her know which day you would like to greet the public.

Stay Inspired!

-Lee Cordochorea

(You pronounce that just like it’s spelled.)

NWBA President