Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 2nd Quarter 2015

Lynn Gledhill NWBA President 2014From the Presidential Scrap Heap by NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

Greetings all Blacksmiths:
I recently returned from the NWBA Spring Conference in Longview, WA.  All in all it was a great time!  Sounds like from the feedback I’m getting that everyone had a good time and learned something to take home.  Thanks to all who had a hand in organizing and putting it on!

The Mentoring Center is going great guns.  Rashelle Hams is doing a terrific job of organizing demos and has scheduled some days which will be just open forging all day.  There will be a charge at the door to recover some of the cost of our propane, a full day of forging for only $10.00, a real bargain.  Check the website, for the dates.
You may have noticed that the Library is now housed at the Mentoring Center.  Feel free to peruse, checkout and return books there.  I believe you can still checkout books and return through the mail.  Contact Anne Bujold with questions.

We’ve received just a few completed surveys that we put on line and had available at the conference.  It’s important for your board members to know what you, the membership, want out of this organization, so, it’s not too late to fill out a survey.
Along the same line, several of your board members terms will be up in January.  Think about yourself, or someone you know that you would want representing you on the board.  We are looking for people who love the organization, have some thoughts and ideas on where they want to see it going, and aren’t afraid to work a little bit.  We will be creating a Nominating Committee at the July 11th board meeting.  If you care, jump in!

We’ve recently road tested an idea for board members to participate in meetings via Skype or some other computer/Internet thing.  Looks like it is going to work.  This will allow someone to serve on the board without having to travel long distances to attend meetings.

Mark your calendars for Blacksmith Week at Government Camp August 19th – 23rd.  It’s a great time of demos, hanging out with other blacksmiths, and the camping is free.  Darryl Nelson and Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts has done a great job of organizing and putting on this event.  Don’t miss it!
As summer is nearly upon us, we are working to have NWBA sponsored demos at some of the State Parks.  All in the name of outreach and letting the world know that blacksmiths do still exist.

If you are interested in participating as a demonstrator, contact Rashelle Hams.
Good forging,