Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 3rd Quarter 2012

NWBA President Bill Appl

NWBA President Bill Apple

Hello Blacksmiths, 

Spring conference has come and gone, and although there are few issues to work through, we will be back in Longview next spring. Dean and I are getting that going now.

Let’s move into more recent events…

Our very own Darryl Nelson was presented with the Alex Bealer award at ABANA conference in Rapid City South Dakota. This is the most signifi cant prestigious award given by ABANA for the promotion of blacksmithing at all levels, not just ABANA. All that I can say is ‘way to go Darryl’. We in the NWBA are very lucky to have a individual with your drive and passion for blacksmithing. Congratulations from the board and the membership, we all hope you have many more years doing what you love doing, and giving back what you have worked so hard to get, the Craft of Blacksmithing. THANK YOU! (to read more about the Alex Bealer award visit business/bealeraward.shtml)

We have a lot going on in the NWBA; our outreach program is going strong at boy scout camp. Hahobas has been a hive of action with camp blacksmith Tracy Lauricella (known as John the Blacksmith at camp) and his crew. They have been busy with young scouts in the camp blacksmith shop. Tom Ferry got the ball rolling from our end with some donated equipment and volunteers from the NWBA. I am not sure who has been out to camp at this time, but Tracy is overjoyed with the support. I would like to see this outreach support turn this into a top notch program that keeps going. This is the future for the craft, to get these kids in the fi re. And, I might tell you, these kids range in age from 14 to about 60, all with lots of enthusiasm. Good job to all those involved. THANK YOU!

Fall conference on September 21, 22, and 23 is coming up fast, get registered now. Don’t miss Master Blacksmith Brent Baily from Orland CA, who is going to be making tools of all kinds. He has quit a line of tools , take a look at his web site For our local guy we have Bob Kramer, Master Bladesmith from the Olympia area. His demo will be forge design and heat treatment. Any blacksmith that does not want to see this should just sell his tools now, it will get no better than this. This Master Knife maker has got heat treatment down! His website is
We are in the process of getting a monthly meeting going. If all goes as planned we will start having a day of forging at the Longview fair grounds on the last Saturday of the month. Darryl Nelson will give the fi rst demo at this event, very fi tting for charter member and Alex Bealer award recipient. There will be no charge. The plan is to get people in the fi re and more interaction in our group. More information will be posted online, in the Hot Iron News issues and in email updates. See you there.

I was at the Blacksmith swap meet 7/21/12. My hat is off to Andrea and Dave Lisch. This has turned into an event that a lot of people look forward to every year. There is always some good loot to be had and good people to see. THANKS Andrea and Dave .

I have talked to a lot of new members. If you have a new member in your area give them a little of your time, if you can, have them over to your shop and help them get started. I know time is so valuable, but I remember being helped all along the way. We were all the new guy at one time.

Well I look forward to seeing every one at the fall conference. We are having it a little earlier than usual so the weather should be great. I hope to see a bunch of boy scouts there, it will be nice to see some young people getting started. If we all do just a little it helps us all out. There is no “I” in team.

See you at the tailgate,
A blacksmith named Bill,
your humble president