Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 3rd Quarter 2015

Lynn Gledhill NWBA President 2014From the Presidential Scrap Heap by NWBA President Lynn Gledhill

Greetings all Blacksmiths:

It was great to see a number of you at Government Camp for Blacksmith week! Great demos and a good time of forging iron, forging new friendships and re-kindling old ones. Thanks to Darryl Nelson for organizing this terrific event!

We have been having some great monthly demos at the Mentoring Center and more to come, along with some dates that will be open forge all day. Keep your eye on the website for more great events.

I need to let y’all know that we suffered a break-in at the Mentoring Center. Thieves broke into our equipment trailers and the Mentoring Center. We lost some sound equipment and a number of other items. The insurance company required a list of items lost along with receipts and dates of purchase, which we did not have, so with a $500 deductible and no way to prove what was lost, the board chose to not file a claim. What we did do is organize a work party and inventoried and documented items of value, including our library. So, if thieves ever hit again, we’ll be covered. Thanks to all who helped with the inventory!

Nominations are open for the upcoming board elections in January. If you love this outfit and would like to help steer it, contact one of your board members. This great organization couldn’t exist without you!

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Good forging,