Northwest Blacksmith Association

President’s Message 4th Quarter 2013

NWBA President Bill Appl

NWBA President Bill Apple

Hello Blacksmiths,

Another year has come and gone. This has been a busy year for the NWBA. We have gone a year already with the MentoringCenter. We have received $20,000 in grant money. We have a new web page . We put on the Western States Blacksmith Conference on Mount Hood. We have had demonstrators from all over the world; Alec Steel from the UK and Freddy Rodriguez from Columbia SA, and many others from all over the US. Thanks to all of them and the many hands that helped in every and any way. Thank You!

I would also like to thank all of the board members, past and present, for all of their hard work. To the current board members who’s terms are up: THANK YOU for all of your efforts and input.

Moving forward, I am hoping we can get some workshops going in the MentoringCenter in 2014. It is our hope to have workshops and demo/ open forges on alternating months. Darryl Nelson will do a forge welding demo/open forge on January 25, 2014. Tri Ficker will be doing a tong making workshop on February 22nd, starting at 9AM in the Mentoring Center, Longview, WA. Our demonstrator for the Spring Blacksmith Conference, Dorothy Steigler, is conducting a bronze forging work shop the weekend prior to conference. Contact Bruce Crittenden or Brent Christiansen for more info about this event.

We are only going to have one conference this year so there will be a extra day, Thursday through Sunday, with a lot happening every day. Slide presentations, hands-on workshops and much more. Show up early and get a spot in one of these workshops while there is still room. Do not miss this event, save the date – May 14-18, 2014.

Well, as we move into the holidays I hope all of you and your families have a great and safe celebration.

That is about it for now, I’ve got a forge hot and had better get to it. See you at the tail gate,


Keep Hammering