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Studio Rentals at Pratt

Pratt studio rental

Did you know…

Pratt offers fully equipped professional studios for you to rent and work in?   All you have to bring is your creativity. We offer an inviting place for artists to work independently in a community environment. Fuel your creativity — meet like-minded artists, exchange ideas and get inspired at Pratt.

If someone is interested in renting the studios here, they first need to schedule an appointment to meet with the coordinator. It is a requirement that folks have either a Journeyman or Master level membership and that they pass the access test with the coordinator. We prefer that folks who want to rent have taken a class in the studio they are interested in using, but if they can prove their ability to safely operate the equipment and respect the studios they can gain access. Our studios are open from 8:30am – 10:00pm and renters are allowed to use the studio as long as they like if there isn’t a class or event going on.

Pratt offers daily and monthly rates depending on what folks are looking to accomplish, both options are very affordable.  Rates and more information can be found here:

Equipment lists and facility info about the sculpture studios can be found here:, you can even see a calendar of available studio dates from links on this page.

This is a rich resource for blacksmiths, especially those who do not yet have a full blacksmith shop of their own to work in.

For more information on Pratt’s Sculpture Studio, please contact Lisa Geertsen at