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Glass Tile and Bead Workshops at Western States Blacksmith Conference

Friday, Aug 23rd 

Glass tiles Sample Glass Tiles

Make a glass tile.  Using different glass elements, frits, dots, and pieces of colored glass…create a glass tile.  2 tiles per person.  Due to popularity & kiln space, we must hold people to 2 tiles each this year. Free to conference participants and families.

NOTE, just offered on Friday this year.  Maximum 12 people per hour.

The tiles will be mailed to you.  Due to Saturday’s bead class, we ask you wait for your tiles to be mailed as they will not be fired on Friday.  $8 shipping charge, to be paid at time of your work.

10AM till 2PM, on the hour.

Upper Arts Cabin


Saturday Aug. 24th

10AM till 3PM  Glass Bead making at the torch

Glass bead making at the torch.

students ONLY.

Learn glass bead making at the torch.  All tools, Didymium glasses, and glass included.  Overhead ventilation used in studio.  We will break for 1 hour for lunch.  Lunch not provided.  Students MUST wear 100% cotton clothing, and closed toed shoes. Hair tied back.  NO exceptions. Class will begin w/ a overview of studio and torch safety; and an explanation of the different COE of glass. You will learn the basic mandrel wound techniques & bead shapes and how glass moves.  Later we will work w/ embellishments for the beads.  Dots, line ect.


You will leave your beads in the annealing kiln overnight, and pick them up Sunday 10AM till noon.  Or, you can arrange to have your beads mailed to you.  If you are picking them up instruction will be given on removing the beads from the mandrels, and cleaning.

Cost of class: $75 per student. (Regular class cost $150)


If you are interested in attending either of these classes please contact Betsy Valian


Alex Bealer Award 2013: Nominations Wanted

To All ABANA Affiliates:

NEEDED:  submissions for the 2014 award by the end of August 2013.

The Alex W. Bealer Award
Alex Bealer’s favorite tool was not a hammer but a froe, and when he had his fatal heart attack he was indeed using a froe to split shingles, one of his favorite pastimes.

The purpose of the award is to honor the recipient for “service to the field of blacksmithing.” This covers a broad range and is not only service to ABANA, though that would not be discouraged by any means, but serves to keep Alex Bealer’s name alive in the blacksmithing world. The award is given when the ABANA Board of Directors deems it appropriate and the Board follows the committee’s recommendations of awarding it once a year although the Board could present the award more or less often. The Alex Bealer Award is the most significant and prestigious award given by ABANA. Read More→

June 2013 Mentoring Center Demonstration Handouts: Dave Lisch and Bill Apple

Dave Lisch: Forging Pipe
Bill Apple: Making a Feather Read More→

March 2013 Mentoring Center Terry Carson Demonstration Handout

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2013-2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents

2     NWBA Board and Committee Information
4     Sittin’ on the Tail Gate with Bill
5     Reports: Treasurer, and Editor
6     NWBA Supports Tech School by Bruce Weakly
7    Al Bart Grant Recipient Report by Peter Clark
9    Copper Handled Knives by Gene Chapman
12  Spring Conference 2013: Gallery and Auction
17  Spring Conference 2013: Demonstrators
19  Spring Conference 2013: Hands-on
20  Spring Conference 2013: Repoussé and Out and About
22  Western States 2013 Information
24  Western States 2013 Demonstrators
27  Western States Registration Form
28  NWBA Membership Registration Form
29  Schools Listing and Calendar
30  Announcements, Ads

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