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Boy Scout Camp Hahobas

Building a blacksmithing program for Boy Scout Camp
Or How the Al Bart grant has brought smithing to hundreds of young men.


Hi folks,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know about an ongoing project that I’ve been a part of for the last few years. I apologize for the length of this post, but I thought you might like to know the whole story and the progress thus far.


First, a bit of background:
Old Cedar Forge Workshop
In 2008, I attended a blacksmithing workshop by Jerry Culberson at Old Cedar Forge, with help from the Al Bart grant. I had been doing smithing on my own for a couple of years before that, but all my education was from books & videos, plus watching a few live demos. This was my first opportunity for hands-on instructor-led learning. The workshop was fantastic, and I met some great folks, and had the opportunity to get some instruction from Dean Mook and Tri Ficker, as they were assisting Jerry in running the class.
Some pictures from the workshop can be found HERE.
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2012-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
2 NWBA Board and Committee Information
4 Sittin’ on the Tail Gate with Bill
5 Reports: Treasurer and Editor
6 Fall Conference 2012: Demonstrators
8 Fall Conference 2012: Hands On
12 Fall Conference 2012: Gallery
17 Submarine Steel Anchor by Ben Czyhold
20 Blacksmith Week 2012, Mt. Hood Oregon
23 Western States Conference 2013
24 Spring Conference 2013 and NWBA Clubhouse
25 NWBA Library
27 Board Election Candidate Statements
28 Schools Listing and Calendar
29 NWBA Membership Registration Form
30 New Member Welcome, Announcements, Ads

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2012-3 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
2 NWBA Board and Committee Information
4 Sittin’ on the Tail Gate with Bill
5 Reports: Treasurer, Editor, Library
6 Chikemin Forge Hammer In
8 Camp Hahobas Blacksmithing by Tracy Lauricella
12 Shel Browder at Meridan Forge by John Hufstutter
Fall Conference:
14 Meet the Demonstrators
18 Conference Info
20 Conference Registration Form
21 Perspective Drawing Class Notes by Al Griswold
22 Hewing Hatchets at Fort Vancouver by Ike Bay
23 Driveway Entrance Gate by Jim Griswold
24 Schools Listing and Calendar
25 NWBA Membership Registration Form
26 Announcements

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2010-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
2 Update with the President
3 2010 NWBA Elections
6 Meridian Forge Workshop Report
8 2010 NWBA Fall Gallery
17 Shots from the Fall Conference
20 Drawing and Faux Finish Class Notes
22 Members in Action
24 Magnetic Moments
25 SNAG 2011 Conference to Be Held in Seattle
28 Announcements/Classifieds

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2010-3 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Update with the President
6 Board Bylaw Changes
7 Customize Your Flypress
8 Northwest Blacksmith Rendevous
11 Coming Back to the Beginning
13 Rare Opportunity with a Master Bladesmith
15 Spring 2010 Auction Gallery
26 Classes, Announcements and Classifieds

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2010-2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Update with the President
8 A Week To Do Nothing But Smith
10 Buenos Aires Ironwork
13 Spring Conference Wrap Up
18 Spring Conference Gallery
26 Carson Makes A 13th Century Anvil
29 The Connolleys Make A Beautiful Staircase
32 Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Tips
34 Blacksmith Anacrostic
36 Clean Your Iron With Molasses
37 Announcements

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2009-2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Update with the President
6 Letters
8 We Remember Barney
10 30thAnniversary design contest
12 Western States Curriculum
14 Make a Tirling Pin
15 Blacksmith Wars!
17 The Goddess Brigid
18 Spring Conference Recap
28 Conference Gallery
44 Moving Iron in a Hammer Class
47 Spring Action Gallery
61 Announcements

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2006-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Carson’s Comments
5 3R’s with Ina
8 Candidates’ Statements
12 Smiths in the Methow Valley
18 Fall Conference
22 Fall Conference Gallery
32 Forge-In for Roger Olsen
34 Auction and Auction Gallery
47 Announcements, Classified

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2005-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Carson’s Comments
5 Members’ Comments
7 Candidates’ Statements
12 Timberline Lodge
16 3R’s with Ina
18 Fall Conference Pics
23 Technical Drawings
30 Conference Gallery
40 By-Laws
45 Library Books, Videos
46 Shop Tips
48 New Members, Renewals
49 Announcements, Classifieds

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2001-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
5 The Prez Rides Off into the Sunset
6 David Thompson
16 The Art of the Italian Leaf by Sarah Grace Parker
27 Where Have All the Forges Gone?
34 Lazer Cutting by Wolfgang Rotbart
37 Penland by Christa Fairbrother
38 Hot Iron News Movie Pick of the Year
39 Pay Attention! An Introspective on Negligence by Ryan Tack
40 The Great Scroll Debate: Another “ 54/40 of Fight” Flap over a Pig’s Ass?
44 Senor Pheel y las Bellezas de Hierro en Europa
45 The Prez Emeritus and a One Brick Forge
46 Spring Conference Vitae
48 ABANA at La Crosse
49 Will Ma and Pa Brandon EVER make it to Illinois?
49 The New Prez makes his Hot Iron News Debut!
49 The Board Warms their Hands
50 Ads Nauseum
51 More Dave
52 Bevy of Blacksmith Beauties

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2001-3 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
5 Words of Wisdom from the Maximum Leader
6 Nature’s Stairways ~ Art and Style by Laura Goematt
15 Coeur d’Alene Fall Conference
21 Gallery
37 One More &#@* Time About Anvils by Barney Coski
40 Christmas Bow and Wreath Hanger ~ David Fink

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2001-1 & 2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
6 In Search of Ferro Battuto in Northern Italy..Carson
15 Christa Fairbrother Art
19 How I Became a Blacksmith in the Great War of the Rebellion..Bob Race
28 Kirkstall Forge..Richard Postman
31 Spring Conference Sisters, Oregon
48 Weathervanes..William Yonkers
52 When Your Vise is Your Vise..Ike Bay
54 Nail Notes..Ike Bay
58 2001 Peter Ross Workshop..Hardie Swage
61 Hunks of the NWBA
62 Scrolling Pliers
63 Pure Iron..Bob Race
63 Flint and Steel Striker..Ryan Wilson
63 Hot Tip..Grinding Corners..Paul Casey
64 Geronimo Bayard Memorial
68 Membership Roster
79 Sarah Grace Parker

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2000-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Editor’s Notes
5 Prez Says
6 E.A. Chase Sculptor and Blacksmith
22 Black Dogs in Belltown~Dan Schwarz
29 Freewater Forge
30 Bert Romans~Hersom Workshop
32 Nahum Hersom~Hammer Handles
37 Hot Tip~Mark Manley~Carbon Monoxide
38 Don Kemper~Advent Wreath
39 Hot Tip~Don Kemper~Center Marking Tool
40 Rick Leeson~Power Hammer
41 1860’s Blacksmith Tintype
42 John Loeffer~Bar-BQ
43 A Lusty Young Smith
44 Peter Ross Workshop
46 Phillip Baldwin~Anvil
47 Peter Ross Projects
53 Wade Wade: What is Truth? What is Life

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2000-3 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Editor’s Notes
6 Corky Storer and the Faces of Reality
25 White Hot Gallery
31 Arlington
33 Gallery
38 Richard Postman: In Search of the Great Anvil
44 Mojave John Abken: Building a Mountain Women’s Knife
48 Roy Young and the Hardy Boys at Old Cedar Forge
51 Wade Wade and the Leg Vise

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2000-2 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
4 Editor’s Notes
6 Seattle’s Urban Rainforest
19 Darryl’s Animals
24 Gallery
32 Paul Thorne
36 Dick Naven ~ I am the Vine and you are the Branches
37 Zygmunowicz ~ Thompson and Nelson Workshops
39 Spring Conference ~ Oakland, Oregon
42 Fall Conference Information
46 Fable of Bookmonger, Little Ass and big Ass
48 Uri Hofi ~ India Anvil’s Ring
49 Boeing Engineer Solves Locked Door Problem!

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