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NWBA Blacksmith Gallery

Welcome to the NWBA Gallery of Blacksmith works and demonstrations.

There are two sections to our Gallery: Demonstration and gallery pages for viewing only, and our legacy gallery (vBulletin PhotoPost), ported over from our original website. The legacy gallery is the place where registered website users can upload photos of their work.  It is a great opportunity to share your photos, as well as on our Forum.

The gallery is viewable by the public, but you must be a registered website user to upload images.
Your login for is the same login for the gallery, if you enter the gallery before logging into the website you can login from the gallery.

Browse the Galleries via the links at the right or

Enter the Legacy Gallery Now, and upload your photos!

NOTE: If you encounter technical difficulties in the gallery please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to address and fix the issue. ALSO, many of the pictures got put in odd places when I imported the old gallery images into the new gallery. Many of these issues I am aware of, but I have to edit each individual picture, slowly one at a time, and there were over 1300 pictures to check.   I thank you for your patience with these issues… and thank you for your patience while I struggled with technical difficulties.  (There are some galleries that are empty, they are created to hold pictures from our demonstrator archives which have not been moved yet… thank you for your patience with that as well)

If you encounter a technical problem please email me with as much information as you can, the more error info I have the easier it is to track down and fix technical problems.  Email: