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Western States Conference Wrap-up

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

Fire On the Mountain

According to everyone I spoke to, Western States Blacksmith Conference 2013 was a huge success.

I am busy working on the next issue of the Hot Iron News, but I want to share at least a little something about the conference.  Throughout the conference there was so much activity going on simultaneously that it was hard to choose what to focus on. I moved between all the events, getting an overview of each presentation.

Below is a mere list of events and a few pictures.  Much more will be available in the next Hot Iron News, hopefully arriving to NWBA members the first week of October, 2013.  Look for more to come online as well.

The Demonstrators 

Rick Smith – Repoussé design and techniques.

Bob Kramer – The art and science of blade making.

Maria Cristalli – Modern design featuring a variety of joinery.

Freddy Rodriguez – Animal heads.

Richard Sullivan and Jon Laubach – Forging a muzzle load rifle barrel.



Hands-On Classes with Mark Aspery, Dennis Dusek and Gerald Boggs

Bladesmithing with Bill Burke, Shane Taylor and Dave Lisch

Blacksmith Wars – 4 teams battling for the blacksmith championship.

Farrier’s Competition – 3 days of  horse shoe competitions.

Repoussé with Jack da Silva and Saign Charlestein

Glass Tile Making with Betsy Valian



A very provocative panel discussion on “The Future of Blacksmithing”.


Daily Auctions

Saturday night banquet.



Mount Hood in all her majesty.

Hope you were there, and if not, make sure to check out all our upcoming Events.

The Northwest Blacksmith Association thanks everyone who made this event possible.


  1. Oregon Team from Bend, Manley Men From Da Hood were the winners. And they were all winners, everyone finished there table, all lamps worked and the tables held 2 drinks and a remote. All the teams were cheered by the crowd. The tables auctioned for a good sum. More details will be in the next Hot Iron News.