Northwest Blacksmith Association

Western States Opening Ceremony Needs Blacksmiths!!

Western States Blacksmith ConferenceTips, tricks, and blacksmithing alchemy
That’s right, we are looking for a few (12) smiths willing to be front and center at the opening of the world’s greatest blacksmithing conference. Each smith will be given 7 minutes , a forge, anvil, so so vise and microphone to perform and dazzle the audience. At the end of the performances the audience will vote and $100 will be awarded to first place, $50 to second, and $25 to third. A small consideration could be given to those who actually show us something related to blacksmithing. This is a great way to spend 7 of your 15 minutes of fame and help make this event even more memorable. Rules are 1) you must be either a male or female 2) no animals or humans can be injured within 78 feet 3) solo acts are good but dancers and backup singers are encouraged….. you get the idea play hard play safe.

We don’t have much time left to make this happen so please hurry up and send your submission to Joe Elliott, Dry Canyon Forge 37 NW greenwood, bend Or 541 382 2725 email Order of appearance will be done from a drawing, we need 8 to make it happen with a limit of 12.