Northwest Blacksmith Association

2001-4 Hot Iron News

Table of Contents
5 The Prez Rides Off into the Sunset
6 David Thompson
16 The Art of the Italian Leaf by Sarah Grace Parker
27 Where Have All the Forges Gone?
34 Lazer Cutting by Wolfgang Rotbart
37 Penland by Christa Fairbrother
38 Hot Iron News Movie Pick of the Year
39 Pay Attention! An Introspective on Negligence by Ryan Tack
40 The Great Scroll Debate: Another “ 54/40 of Fight” Flap over a Pig’s Ass?
44 Senor Pheel y las Bellezas de Hierro en Europa
45 The Prez Emeritus and a One Brick Forge
46 Spring Conference Vitae
48 ABANA at La Crosse
49 Will Ma and Pa Brandon EVER make it to Illinois?
49 The New Prez makes his Hot Iron News Debut!
49 The Board Warms their Hands
50 Ads Nauseum
51 More Dave
52 Bevy of Blacksmith Beauties


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