Northwest Blacksmith Association

Basic Smithing Class: Bridgetown Forge

Date(s) - 11/04/2017 - 11/05/2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

November 4-5,  Sat-Sun, 9am-4pm
Event Description: This class is designed to introduce a beginner to the fundamentals of smithing techniques: drawing down, upsetting, cutting, slitting, punching, twisting and bending. This class seeks to impart a solid understanding of the various ways hot steel can be shaped with just a few simple tools. The students are introduced to the Hofi Ergonomic Forging Method, which allows for very fast and accurate forging with less effort and strain on the body. We will make, among other things, wall hooks, square-cut nails, leaves, a chisel, a bottle-opener, and a fire-poker.
Each student will have his/her forging station, complete set of tools, constant access to a forge, and unlimited stock.
The price of the class is $360, which includes all materials and safety equipment. This class is limited to 8 students.
To reserve a spot, please mail a check for $150 to the following address: Arnon Kartmazov, 212 SE 79th Ave., Portland, OR, 97215.

Contact Name: Arnon Kartmazov
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 503-804-1524
Website URL:

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Bridgetown Forge

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